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Bumps Arrival

Hes here!! The day after my last post (39 weeks) bump arrived. Apologies for taking  so long to post but when that little bundle of joy arrives there's not much time for anything else. Here he is now 24 days old.
He is just adorable, it felt I he would never arrive but when he did  it all happened so quickly and he was born in my bedroom me on all fours with 5 paramedics and a midwife ha ha not quite what I was expecting.

You would think being my fourth baby i would know when i was in labour but ecpect the unexpected as they say.
I woke up with cramping as i had done for weeks but then started having little contractions but didnt take much notice as with the others i expected my waters to go first. They kept coming so decided to time them and they were 7 minutes apart I thought shit this is really happening.  I phoned the hospital and they said if i went in i would probably be sent home so I decided to stay put for a while, however my contractions speeded up and we phoned an ambulan…