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Megabloks review

I'm sure every parent has heard of megabloks, those great building blocks that give your children hours of fun.I was recently given the opportunity to review a bag of megabloks which you can view here
Such a lovely girly colour any little girl will love.  Our bag arrived yesterday and the girls were delighted and started playing with them straight away. My 4 year old built a house and my 3 year old who loves dinosaurs made a lovely collection of dinosaurs and some stairs for her little toys to climb up.I noticed they have a new design bag which is great it's also pvc free and eco friendly.We have an original style bag of mega bloks that I bought 4 Years and they are still played with now. They are a great investment as they last until the children out grow them, definitely good value for money.The size of them is perfect for little hands and all the different sized peices and c…