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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY OF The First Hippo On The Moon

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent a copy of The First Hippo On The Moon by David Williams. Me and my children had yet to read any of his books so we were really looking forward to receiving it.

It is a lovely story about you guessed it two hippos and their quest to get to the moon. I dont want to ruin it by telling you the story as what would be the fun in that.

The book itself comes in a hard cover which I love for childrens books it makes them easier to hold and read together. It is a great big book size too. The illustrations by Tony Ross are amazing so bright and colourful with easy to read stand out writing.

My two middle daughters who are 4 and 5 have been really enjoying reading this with me.  They love the fact its a new and creative story something they have never read before.

I am definately going to be looking at the rest of David Walliams books for children. This book is available to buy from amazon your stu…