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Wrappz phone skin review and Free Reader Offer is a website that makes cases and skins that you can also personalize for phones, tablets, laptops, kindles and game consoles.

I was recently contacted by Wrappz and asked if I would like to do a review of one of their products.  I have lots of different phone cases so I chose a phone skin instead which is basically a sticker that fits on the front and back of your phone.
They have lots of different designs that you can choose from and you can also create your own, once you select your phone type your template comes up for the front and back of the phone you can then choose from designs, backgrounds or upload photos which you then drag onto the template, move them around, change size etc
I chose a lovely butterfly background and also uploaded a photo which I put onto the back of the skin.  The whole process was really quick and simple to do, which was great I mean who wants to spend forever messing around to get the final result.
My skin arrived the next day after ordering and …

34 week pregnancy update...

Hi Im a bit late with my update as was officially 34 weeks last Thursday but I wanted to wait until after my midwife appointment today.
The time is getting nearer to bump arriving and I cant wait for him to be here, I have not been feeling well at all really and finding the tiredness so hard to cope with as I didn't feel like this with my last 3, obviously I got tired but nothing like this I feel exhausted from making a drink its crazy.  The last few days I have spent most of my time in bed as well because i have had a headache constantly and had been getting dizzy spells.  I have been finding bumps movements quite painful sometimes as well.
So I had my midwife appointment today and told her all of this she just put it down to tiredness and the fact I have already had 3 children and said make this your last ( wasnt planning on anymore anyway but nice of her to say ha ha ) My blood pressure, urine etc all checked out ok and she felt baby, he's head down which I had guessed alread…

Introducing Clothies - A Modern Mums Essential

I would love to tell you all about Clothies  Sarah adores fabric and fleece! She is the inventor of the brand new range of baby burp cloths Clothies, A modern mums essential! These are the new sets of burp cloths made with fab fabric in beautiful designs on the front, backed with a super absorbent so soft microfleece to mop up baby's milky dribbles. She also make a range of double sided fleece pram blankets which are completely unique in design and great to bring a splash of colour to your baby's pram, moses basket or car seat!
The idea for Clothies hit me when I wanted to find an accessory to the fleece blankets, something affordable but lovely that I could make using matching fabrics , that if customers wanted a blanket they could also order matching burp cloths. There are lots of talented people making the very popular bibs but I couldn't find anyone making burp cloths. I have to say I purchased a pack of 2 burp cloths before I had my eldest and they got sogg…

miamoo review

I was lucky enough to be chosen by miamoo to test and review for them in return for this they sent me a miamoo travel pack. 

Firstly I will tell you about miamoo which was founded by Saira Khan who after suffering with dry skin for years researched into products and the end result was the making of miamoo, you can read lots more information about Saira and her findings here
I myself suffer from sensitive and sometimes dry skin, I tend to use baby products bath/wash etc the same ones that I use on my children as I find them a lot less irritating so i was looking forward to trying this out myself.

The set itself is very nicely packaged in a clear zip pouch ( great to re use after for keeping make up in or for baby change bag etc). The set contains inside:
splashy wash 30ml– refreshing citrus shower/body wash
fresh locks 30ml – soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks
baba oil 30ml– heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage.
huggy lotion 3…

Win a 7 Night @RetallackResort Staycation in Cornwall, UK

Retallack Resort and Spa are offering you the chance to win a Staycation of your own, be it to relive your childhood holidays, spend some quality time with family and friends or treat you and your loved ones. By simply liking, following or tweeting about us in the widget below you could win a 7 night stay in one of our 2 bed, baby friendly holiday lodges. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pic 'N' Mix Story Cards Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review some story cards from pic 'n' mix pictures.  who are pic 'n' mix pictures I hear you say well I will fill you in, they are a young couple who have a background in nursery nursing and graphic design, when they had their first child they tried to make some personalized books and games for him to explore and learn threw play, they wanted to expand these to other families like theirs and now have their website where you can view and purchase their products.
We were sent a pack of the standard story cards which contained 26 cards plus instruction card.  (You can also have them personalized)

They arrived on a Saturday so perfect timing and the girls ( 3 and 4) wanted to play with them right away and they had great fun making up stories to which we had to applaud every one after they had said they end, they were both trying to make each other laugh when they got the ghost card and wooooooing at each other th…

Hot Stuff

Hi Firstly I am really sorry I am late with this weeks hot stuff had started to plan it but not been feeling too great, but I am here now and firstly this week as its almost Valentines I bring you a lovely freebie all you need is a printer and you have yourself some love coupons.  


Hi so my Blog is a month old so I have decided to run my very first giveaway, only a small one but have to start somewhere and I will be buying the prize myself, hopefully as my Blog grows i will be able to bring you bigger prizes. Please enter below via the Rafflecopter  Good luck :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

silent sunday

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

I have decided to write this blog post to inform people of what FGM is and raise awareness. I myself had never heard of FGM until I saw it featured on the BBC program Casualty last year and then also watched a documentary about it.
Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female circumcision or female genital cutting, is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as "all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons"
The majority of cases of FGM are carried out in 28 African countries. It is more accurate however, to view FGM as being practised by specific ethnic groups, rather than by a whole country, as communities practising FGM straddle national boundaries. FGM takes place in parts of the Middle East, i.e. in Yemen, Oman, Iraqi Kurdistan, amongst some Bedouin women in Israel, and was also practised by the Ethiopian Jews, and it is unclear whether they con…

32 Weeks pregnant

32 weeks today
The weeks are starting to go by quickly which is good, Im looking forward to bump arriving and also being able to actually get out of the house again which at the moment isnt very often and I only have to go out if necessary.  yesterday I had to and decided I would get on the bus as it would take me some of the way but I wondered why i bothered because believe it or not I had to stand up, not one person one single person offered me their seat I was fuming and even got off the bus a stop early for fear of having a swearing fit at the other passengers.  I don't buy any of that crap people come out with about not knowing if someone is pregnant or not and not wanting to offend them, I am quite plainly obviously pregnant and almost ready to pop, I could of and probably should of said something but I didn't I was too tired and didn't want to start a big row.  Arrrrrrgh rant over.
So I'm feeling tired and quite fed up now and as d date gets nearer I find my mind …