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Tiny Discoverers review: Woodland Adventure Pack


I was recently given the chance to review a woodland adventure pack to review from tiny discoverers much to the excitement of my 3&4 year old daughters.

The pack consists of a backpack, binoculars, crayons, magnifying glass, bug catcher (plastic tweezers), magnifying container, tracing paper and some cards to identify bugs, leaves etc.

 Tiny Discoverers

My 3 year old was at home when the package arrived and seeing as it had a ladybird on the box instantly assumed something exciting was waiting inside for her and ripped it open.  She loved the bag as is similar to her sisters school bag, once she had opened all the contents she went around the house collecting stuff to look at including crayons, small toys etc and then looking at everything with the magnifying glass including the cat and her own body parts ha ha.  Her sister loved it too when she came home from school and they did argue over who was going to use what ( sisters they love each other really). 
On Saturday we went outside to put the pack into proper use which they were very excited about even though it was raining they still had fun, we didnt find any bugs just one wriggly worm to have a look at, not many leaves either but being winter there isnt many around.  we found lots of daisies which were put in the jar, after an hour we were all starting to get cold and came home.  Although we didnt find much they still enjoyed the adventure of it.  
 Tiny Discoverers

My thoughts are that it is much better suited to the other months of the year and it will most definitely be used by them again once we get to spring time.  Its great for getting kids outside exploring with nature instead of inside watching television etc.  The bag itself is great lots of useful pockets plus the removable pencil case, the contents are good too although just a note the binoculars packet had 5+ on the outside but the neck string is removable.  I think it would be a great gift and sure any child will love it.

You can find Tiny discoveries on twitter and facebook where you can view their products and keep up to date on their website launch due next week.

The rrp price for the Woodland Adventure Pack is £25 

I personally feel if it was slightly lower priced it would make it affordable for families on a lower budget.
Tiny Discoverers


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