Friday, 21 February 2014

Introducing Clothies - A Modern Mums Essential

I would love to tell you all about Clothies 
Sarah adores fabric and fleece! She is the inventor of the brand new range of baby burp cloths Clothies, A modern mums essential! These are the new sets of burp cloths made with fab fabric in beautiful designs on the front, backed with a super absorbent so soft microfleece to mop up baby's milky dribbles. She also make a range of double sided fleece pram blankets which are completely unique in design and great to bring a splash of colour to your baby's pram, moses basket or car seat!

 The idea for Clothies hit me when I wanted to find an accessory to the fleece blankets, something affordable but lovely that I could make using matching fabrics , that if customers wanted a blanket they could also order matching burp cloths. There are lots of talented people making the very popular bibs but I couldn't find anyone making burp cloths. I have to say I purchased a pack of 2 burp cloths before I had my eldest and they got soggy quickly, took ages to dry and as a result didn't get used much and I didn't use them at all with my daughter. There is a wider selection of muslins on the market now rather than the plain white sets that go discoloured and look dirty but I wanted a creation that could use all the lovely fabric designs that are produced every year. And so 'Clothies' were born. A modern mum's accessory! Bright funky colours and designs that look fantastic over your shoulder, are super absorbent and actually contain all the milky dribble, using microfleece that is lightweight and super soft for delicate faces and can be used to put under baby's chin whilst feeding, are small enough to fit into your already full changing bag, wash well and dry quickly for everyday use and come in a wide range of 100% cotton prints.

I discovered Clothies on Twitter last month and the lovely Sarah offered to send me a set.

I chose the above design which I love, the colours are great and the design is too, they arrived well packaged and presented so lovely i didn't want to open them.  They are very well made and very good quality.  I have washed them and they wash well too, they are packed in my hospital bag ready for bumps arrival so I will update you all on them once I have put them to good use.

They are available to buy from and come in packs of three or four with lots of different designs to choose from there will definitely be one you love.  You can also follow Sarah on Twitter @ClothiesSarah


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