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What's in my Hospital Bag?

I like to be organized but I have been slacking, 32 weeks on Thursday and only just started packing mine and bumps hospital bags and for the first time I have a list from the hospital which I will share with you all and would love to know if it varies at all from yours if you have one.

  • maternity notes
  • dressing gown, slippers
  • nightwear
  • well fitting supportive or feeding bras
  • breast pads
  • bath towels ( one for you and one for baby)
  • toilet bag and toiletries
  • maternity sanitary towels (2 packs)
  • disposable knickers (if prefered)
  • box of tissues
  • small change for telephone etc
  • pen

  • disposable nappies x24
  • vests x3
  • babygros x3
  • bootees and scratch mits
  • clothes for going home to include shawl/blanket and cardigan
  • cartons of ready made formula x3 if bottle feeding.  Teats, bottles and sterilising equiptment are provided.

My thoughts on this list are that it is very useful if its your fist baby as you dont know whats expected of you to bring.  I have found that having given birth already in 3 different hospitals some things vary.  such as baby milk with my 1st (1998) and my 2nd (2009) milk for the baby was provided by the hospital so I assumed with my last (2010) this would also be the case but turns out not and the midwife seemed quite shocked that I hadnt brought any with me.   This time I am planning on taking the ready made bottles that you can use straight away.

There is no mention of baby wipes anywhere on the list which I find quite strange as will definitely be needing those and also a hat for baby.

The fact that it specifies 24 nappies is odd to me, why not just say a packet (not that I would imagine you would use a whole packet).

I would of put water spray on the list as that is a great help when you are in labour regardless of how cold the weather is your gonna be getting hot and a hairband is always good too oh and a mirror.

Im in the prosess of packing mine as still things i need to get including milk, sanitary towels ( I dont like the maternity ones so will use super or night time ones instead) and disposable knickers which I used last time and found them useful.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome and I would love to hear them so please comment.


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