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Hot Stuff w/e 2/2/14

These weeks Hot stuff where I bring you things from around the web that I am loving, liking, hating right now, articles, products, news, reviews and anything in between.

My Hot stuff post from last week has had the most views from all my current posts so I thought I would try to make it into a weekly thing.   

First thing I am loving this week is the Little Box of Love from Laurens Way, this is a gift set they are doing for Valentines day and I think its lovely, very reasonably priced at £15.  You can choose from medium or darker than dark and the set contains mini glam tan, mini lotion, mini tan enhancing moisturizer, suprise valentines sweets, randomly selected eyelashes and also a randomly selected mini tanning product.  Any fake tan lover would be pleased to receive this for valentines hint hint cupid.
Image 1 

I have been trying to enter some competitions as not entered many lately there's some great ones out there and I am particularly  loving. This benefit giveaway on Fashion Train blog 
A free oven clean from The Oven Cleaning Company over on facebook, we all hate cleaning the oven right,

Not liking the fact that there's more storms predicted for next week which I read here I am lucky enough to live somewhere that hasn't been affected by flooding and I really feel for people who have been and are still being affected by it.

Lastly for this week I am loving the new Silver Cross Reflex which I read about on It started with a Squish blog which you can view here its not available until March though.
Silver Cross Reflex pram
I love it in Red.

 well that's it for this week, apologies for the writing all over the place not sure why and I cant seem to fix it either.

Would love to read some comments of what you all think of this weeks hot stuff and see you next week. x


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