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34 week pregnancy update...

Hi Im a bit late with my update as was officially 34 weeks last Thursday but I wanted to wait until after my midwife appointment today.

The time is getting nearer to bump arriving and I cant wait for him to be here, I have not been feeling well at all really and finding the tiredness so hard to cope with as I didn't feel like this with my last 3, obviously I got tired but nothing like this I feel exhausted from making a drink its crazy.  The last few days I have spent most of my time in bed as well because i have had a headache constantly and had been getting dizzy spells.  I have been finding bumps movements quite painful sometimes as well.

So I had my midwife appointment today and told her all of this she just put it down to tiredness and the fact I have already had 3 children and said make this your last ( wasnt planning on anymore anyway but nice of her to say ha ha ) My blood pressure, urine etc all checked out ok and she felt baby, he's head down which I had guessed already and she said I am a good size measuring 34.  She had to chase up my bloods that she took at my 32 week appointment and when she got them she was like oh you've been feeling tired because your anemic and need a prescription gave me a note to take to reception and sent me on my way.  I have to wait 2 days for my prescription from the doctor which I found a bit odd and the fact that they have had my results at the surgery for weeks but didn't feel the need to contact me to tell me I need to take some iron tablets.  

So that is pretty much me for now have been having quite bad cramping the last hour never had this with any of the others not until after my waters had broken anyway.  Would be great to hear anyone's experiences with this and also the anemia as Ive not had that previously either.

New series of One Born Every Minute tonight which I love but have never watched it before when I am so close to giving birth so should be interesting....


  1. I didn't watch one born every minute when I was pregnant. I was too scared haha x

  2. I watched it ha ha just couldnt help myself, I was literally sweating watching it though :-/ x

  3. Not long now, good luck!! I can't watch OBEM as I get too emotional and would spend the entire length of the programme in tears!


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