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Taggies soft n snug bouncer review.

I was recently sent a taggies soft n snug bouncer to review from kids ii.

I was really looking forward to reviewing this as my son was not keen on the basic bouncer we had bought for him and cried most of the time he was in it. So far me and bump are loving the taggies bouncer.

It has lots of lovely features including removable hood, head rest and toy bar. It also has gentle vibration and melodies which is nice not too loud and annoying like some can be.

The chair is suitable from birth up to 11kg and is reclinable which is great as bump often falls asleep while he is sitting in it and you can easily recline it back without waking him by pressing the buttons on either side of the chair.

It also comes with a detachable cuddle toy that which you can Velcro into the harness pocket. Bump loves this and spends a lot of time practising his gripping and biting skills with it.

He loves all the little colourful taggies down the side and will spend ages trying to grab them.

The most important thing about this chair is that it's comfortable for your baby, the seat is deep and such lovely soft material with the addition of the detachable headrest too it's definately a cosy chair it's a shame you can't buy adult ones.

It was really easy to put together but not so easy to dismantle and has no instructions for this.  It had to be taken apart as we were moving and took a while to figure out it would have to be unscrewed instead of just clicked out. 

All in all it is a great chair and me and bump would highly recommend it. There are so many bouncers to choose from but this one definately ticks all the boxes. you can view the bouncer here for full specifications and current price.


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