Thursday, 11 September 2014

Is it time for the C word already

Is it that time already? yes I think it might be, the dreaded C word has been posted a lot lately and it seems Christmas is not that far away thanks facebook friends for reminding exzactly how many Fridays etc there are left until Christmas.

All this Christmas talk has given me a kick up the bum, Im normally so organised with present buying and have usually already started by the school summer holidays.  Not this year though with bump arriving, moving house, sorting out new schools and my eldest daughters sixteenth birthday this month I havent even started.

Now Im starting to worry, when you havent got much money coming in it can be a real struggle and with one more to buy for this year too its going to be tough so Im on the look out for bargains, if you see any please let me know. My girls love my little pony, moxi girlz, play dough and have hinted they would like some shopkins. As bump is my first boy im a bit clueless and dont know what to get him ( he will be almost 9 months by christmas).

Ive been entering lots of comps to try and win some stuff as that would save some pennies or rather pounds, so keep your fingers crossed for me and lots of luck to all my fellow compers.

Have you started thinking about christmas? do you save for it?  are you a last minute shopper or do you start early in the year?

would love to hear all your views/comments etc 


  1. I always start early with the kid's presies and get when there are deals on. Never pay full price. Good luck for some nice wins in time for Christmas :-)

  2. I'm just starting to think about it now - will be saving money by making some presents myself, so need to start early!

  3. I' terrible at buying gifts for people and much prefer gift cards! I keep an eye out over the year for any that are discounted and buy them then!