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Review of Easy Indian SuperMeals

I recently received a copy of Easy Indian SuperMeals by Zainab Jagot Ahmed. I was really looking forward to receiving this as I am currently weaning bump and wanted new ideas.  As I mentioned in my weaning post I've stuck to the convenience  of jars of baby food and rusks to wean the girls, I really wanted to try different stuff with bump, and I did buy a blender which I have hardly used except for a few puréed veg.

I was pleasantly surprised when the book arrived as I hadn't been expecting much just a book of purée recipes but it is so much more than that. 


The book is for stage 2 weaning (7 months plus)  threw to 5+. There is lots of detail about super foods and super spices plus a handy table of super spices which are suitable for babies. It Also contains  lots of information on fruit and vegetable super foods. A getting starting guide is included as well as a list of foods to avoid.

The recipes are separated into different sections starting with veggie SuperMeals then  finger food SuperMeals, sweet SuperMeals, meat SuperMeals, family SuperMeals and quick kids SuperMeals.  At the top of each page you can clearly see the stage and age they are suitable for.

I love the fact that there is family recipes and I am looking forward to making some of them especially Lamb Rogan Josh as that is my absolute favourite and I've never made it from scratch before.

Bump isn't quite 7 months yet so I can't try out any receipes with him straight away but I will be. There's a yummy looking festive roasted vegetable mash great for christmas. Yummy spiced potato pie sounds tasty and there's even a veggie korma. 

There's just so many ideas and receipes that I would never of thought of trying.  It really does make you see weaning in a new and exciting way.  I would definately recommend this book to anyone with children, would be a great christmas gift too.

If you would like to know anymore about this book head on over to Zainabs website.

It is also available to buy from Amazon

Happy cooking!


  1. So many lovely Indian meals to cook & they do seem a lot easier than a lot of recipes you can find for Indian food

  2. Very interesting. Usually buy a "heat-up" curry every now and agin - could start from scratch though!

  3. I love Indian food - great idea!

    Amanda A

  4. These look great! I love Indian food x

  5. Spiced Potato Pie sounds v intriguing.


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