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Review: The Christmas Boutique

 Halloween is gone, bonfire night is over and now it's all about the run up to Christmas. If your looking for some new decorations then head on over to the Christmas Boutique where they have everything you will need to make your house sparkle this Christmas.

I was recently sent a box of goodies to review from The Christmas Boutique

I have to be honest I haven't bought any new decorations for years however I knew I would have to this year as we somehow lost all our decorations and tree when we moved.  So I was really pleased to have been giving the opportunity to review for them.

So inside my box I had

A huge Santa sack, no Christmas is complete without one of these right? It's lovely and very well made. Next from my box was

Mr & Mrs holiday Frog bauble tree decorations. These are so adorable and unusual I've never seen anything like these before but I love them and so do the kids. Next out was

These hanging glass pine cones, very shiny and love that they aren't hanging on a thin price of string, I'm sure these are going to look fab. Next we have

Two glass star shaped baubles in red and green, they are quite heavy and I love the hanging ribbon with the addition of the star in the middle too makes them look extra special.

I also got a honeycomb Pom Pom 
But I didn't want to take it out the packet very clumsy me didn't want to ruin it. I also received some lovely red baubles 
Love the addition of the hearts with the traditional christmas shapes. Last but not least is this 
Which is my favourite piece the Christmas Advent Wishing Line. Complete with jingle bells and an opening fabric envelope for every day in Advent. I can't wait to hang this up. Now all we need is a tree. 

I normally put up the tree the 2nd weekend in December, how about you? Are you an eager beaver or a last minuter?

Foloow The Christmas Boutique for all their latest discounts and offers  @XmasBoutique
You can find all these decorations here www.THECHRISTMASBOUTIQUE.CO.UK plus lots lots more gorgeous decorations.   


  1. love the christmas advent wishing line .something really different than the usual advent calender

  2. I love it when you can start making the home all Christmassy, where has November gone!

    1. It has gone so quick hasn't it, only a few days to go now

  3. il be getting my decorations up this xmas.

  4. Our Christmas decorations went up last Saturday - the kids just couldn't wait any longer!!!!

  5. Used to be Eager Beaver. Not so well organised these days. Nice Christmas Decorations.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Still got t put our decorations up, hoping to do this Sunday.

  7. love the advent wishing line, nice idea!

  8. Love those pine cone baubles, so pretty and the pom poms are super - I need some of those. Our tree was up a couple of days ago.

  9. Thank you for all your comments, merry christmas x


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