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Forty and Fabulous

So I turned 40 almost 2 months ago and I don't feel any different to when I was 30 I look a bit well probably a lot older.  I felt quite nervous about turning 40 and after I just kind of felt relieved, I have no idea why or what I was expecting.

I look at other women my age and they seem so mature and together, dress nice but I don't feel I'm like that, I live in my skinny jeans and converse or my dressing gown ha ha, I'm not immature but neither am I mature and have my life together.

So how is a 40 year old supposed to act and dress? is there some kind of over 40 rules for women?

I did a bit of google and apparently skinny jeans, skirts & shorts above the knee and crop tops are a big no no, really like who decides this stuff, did I miss a rule book? maybe I should of asked for one for my birthday.


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Speech Delay

So bump is now 4 and he is having problems with his speech I'm at the point now where I'm thinking did I do something wrong? will he ever talk? and I just don't know the answers which is frustrating me so I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him.

His speech started off fine the usual mama, dad, dog etc then it just seemed to stop and no more progress was made and I was too worried at first because my eldest daughter who's almost 20 now didn't really say all that much until she started nursery.

By the time it came to his 2 year review I was slightly concerned and spoke with the health visitor about it and was referred to speech therapy, we waited a while for that and they only saw him once where the speech therapist sat and played with him and gave me things to do at home with him.

We did attempt for him to start nursery last April but it didn't go too well and he didn't go anymore, he is quite a handful and they wouldn't let him stay the whole s…

potty training a 4 year old

So as I said in my previous post about speech delay bump is now 4 and still not potty trained, I started off potty training at 2 and its just been a struggle ever since, I feel like I've hit a brick wall and I just don't know what to do anymore.

he wont sit on the potty or the toilet, have tried everything to encourage him, books, dvds haven't tried a reward chart because he would have no interest in that.  Took his nappy away but he will just wet or pooh himself and not care.

He wears a nappy to nursery and he is due to start reception in September, what am I going to do send him to school in a nappy? I cant do that, I'm hoping and praying he's just going to decide to do it on his own but he is quite happy still wearing a nappy with no prompt to change him if he's done a pooh.

I'm at a loss and feel like a total failure, I've potty trained his sisters perfectly fine so why cant I do it?

please feel free to leave me a comment, email or tweet me i'd …