Friday, 14 March 2014


Firstly apologies for my lack of posts and twitter activity I have just been feeling so crap, uncomfortable, tired, etc etc. Have also had a headache for 2 days now, oh Im feeling sorry for myself ha ha, it's my birthday tomorrow as well and the thought of being another year older (36) is not cheering me up in the slightest, once you turn 30 the years just fly by but it would be a nice Birthday present if bump decided to arrive early.  

On the plus side not long to go now and the iron tablets have started to make me feel better than i was before so that is good and I look a lot less pale too.  I had my 36 week check with my gp on Tuesday didn't really see the point of it to be honest as she did the exact same as midwife does except she didn't measure my tummy.  Everything seems fine and she said to keep taking iron tabs as my count was very low.  Bump is also engaged so explains why I can hardly walk now my 3 year old walks faster than me she was actually dragging me the other day ha ha.  I will have my 38 week check a week on Monday as that's the only day the Midwife is there and that should be it unless I go over??? I haven't before they've been 3 days, 4 days and 7 days early so far but you just never know.  

If Im not back with an update again i will let you all know when bump arrives :-)

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