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Kadria Balancing Face Oil Review

Kadria make ethical skin care range for pregnant women, none of their products are tested on animals and they use natural organic ingredients. It always nice to have a bit of pampering when your pregnant, they have some lovely products and sets which  you can view all their products here

 A little while ago I was sent some Balancing Face oil from Kadria to try and review.

kadria balancing face oil
Our balancing face oil will help if you are experiencing hormonal skin changes in pregnancy or at other times.  This complex blend contains rare and powerful oils which contain compounds known to  help calm the most erratic skin.  Whether you have overly dry, break outs or blemishes, dull and lacklustre skin, this will be sure to help.
Directions:  Apply a few drops to cleansed skin before applying your usual moisturiser.  Alternatively use as a night treatment oil.
Blackseed contains over 100 different compounds, many of which are unknown.  Blackseed oils high levels of amino acids aid cellular regeneration.  The anti-inflammatory effects of nigellone  help combat premature ageing and essential fatty acids stimulate the skins natural protective and healing process.

I was excited to try this out as I am not a glower in pregnancy Im a more look like crap all the time for the whole pregnancy ha ha and I am not blessed with wonderful skin. I have been using the oil for a few weeks. I usually put it on in the evenings after I have had a bath, I've not tried it in the day time as I always wear make up and use other creams.  I was a bit dubious with it being oil and didn't want to be left with greasy feeling skin, however you only need a tiny bit and it goes on really well, it has made my skin nice and soft and not greasy at all.  It feels really nice on your skin and Im sure I will continue to use it after bump is born.  So if your looking for a nice present or for yourself its a nice lovely treat for any pregnant woman.


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