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A few things I love

I thought I would start off sharing with you some things (apart from my family) that I love


I always remember my auntie entering comps and I must of caught the comping bug from her, she still enters them now  but only postal ones as she doesn't do computers.

 I love entering competitions when I have a bit of time generally in the evenings when the kids have finally decided to go to sleep.  Ive always liked to win stuff I mean who doesn't, when I was about ten I entered a competition from a magazine I think and I won a keyboard which I loved and learnt to play when the saints come marching in.

I never won anything else that i can recall until I discovered online competitions in around 2004 and started entering as many as I could I've never won anything big just little bits and pieces and some small value shopping vouchers but really I think its just the thrill of winning that I like.

fake tan

I don't know what it is but it makes me feel & I think look better and I just love having a tan. I caught the tanning bug as I call it when I was in my early twenties when I started using sunbeds I would go as far as to say I was addicted to tanning and would use them at least twice a week.
About six years ago I got a bit worried about the effect it was having on my skin and switched to fake tan instead.  so now my thing is trying out new fake tans in my quest to find the perfect one.

hopefully I will be able to do reviews for you soon.


Yes good old household bleach ha ha I love it and its not just a pregnancy thing I always have. I love the smell of it and I feel like everything is clean and fresh after Ive used it.  I have ruined a lot of my clothes with this obsession.

This is just a few random things that I love, please feel free to comment with any of yours.


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