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Everyone loves a bit of window shopping don't they? well I do and as walking well I say walking more of a waddle/cowboy walk at the mo is getting too much for me I have been doing some online window shopping and thought i would share some of the things I am loving and wishing I could afford to buy.

I really like this snowsuit from natures purest it looks really cosy for bubbas with the addition of the cute bunny ears and face on the hood, also its neutral colour makes it suitable for girls or boys.  My 4 year old daughter got their Natalie doll for Christmas and she loves it.  very good quality and eco friendly.

Pure Love Snowsuit - Snowsuit

Really need to get some new furniture for the girls room this year including a new bed for moo who is 4 and is soon going to outgrow her current bed but i have just seen these lovely drawers on kiddies kingdom website.
 Teamson Dinosaur 5 Drawer Cabinet (TD-0070A) Teamson Magic Garden 7 Drawer Cabinet (KYW-8987A) 
Doo who is 3 she loves dinosaurs and would love these drawers, moo is a lot more girly and would love the pink design.  I think they are adorable.

I have always loved pink lining yummy mummy changing bags ever since I first discovered them by the time I can afford one the kids will probably all be grown up but a girl can dream hey.  I have just seen this one which is exclusive to John Lewis. 
Buy Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Bows Changing Bag, Grape Online at 
the color design is lovely purple is one of my favorite colours.  while i was on the John Lewis website I also saw this John Lewis Asuka free standing mirror.  I think its stunning with the added bonus of a bit of storage too.

Buy John Lewis Asuka Freestanding Mirror Online at

Well that's my window shopping over, for now anyway ha ha.  I hope you all enjoyed seeing the lovely things I found.


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