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Mr Nutcase: phone case Review

I was given the chance to review a personalized phone case from Mr Nutcase which is a website where you can buy customized phone and tablet cases. 

The website itself is so simple to use,  you can either create your own or choose from collections.  If you create your own there are lots of different layouts and amounts of photos to choose from, you then simply upload your photos to the template.

I decided to choose from the collections simply because its so close to bump arriving I would like all of the children on a case if I made a photo one. I started  by selecting my phone make and model which then gave me a choice of either ultra lightweight slimline or executive flip leather style case, I chose the flip style and then had a choice of over 40 backgrounds, after choosing one you can then add text which can be moved around, change color size etc clip art can also be added here. You can then preview your case and add to cart if your happy. The whole process including checkout took me 5 minutes which was great.

I ordered on saturday evening and the case arrived today.
Finished product

The case is very good quality for a leather style case as i have bought a few in the past and they tend to be plastic looking and cheap but this one is very well made.  I love the design and colors, my phone fits in it perfectly and I can still charge it easily while its in the case.

Over all pleased with the case and the website especially how quick and easy it was to use, take a look for yourself what would you put on yours?


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