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labor Stories

I thought I would share my labor stories with you as I love hearing other peoples and watching programs like one born every minute.  No idea why I mean whats fun about watching someone in pain, I guess its to compare with your own experience and to remind you of that great feeling afterwards when you hold your little bundle of joy.

As you may know i already have three children and all their births have been different but in one way the same is that they have all been distressed baby's and i had to spend all three labors laying on the bed hooked up to machines.  no walking around, bouncing on balls or birthing balls for me but hey who knows I haven't made a birthing plan in any of my pregnancies because labor just does what it wants to.

With my eldest who is now fifteen I was induced three days early due to my mum being ill and baby being distressed (it's a sad story and maybe one day I will blog about that part but for now will stick to the labor.)  I went into hospital in the morning and had my waters broken around 2pm.  I had a few pains and was thinking this isn't too bad (ha ha ) and was given paracetamol.  I remember hearing screaming from the next room so loudly and thinking what is all the fuss about.  Obviously I soon discovered it would get a lot worse but i suffered in silence and shed a few tears along with some pethidine.  They offered me an epidural and i jumped at the chance, not long after they put it in i was ready to push and she arrived 10 mins or so later just after 6pm the doctor took her straight away as she wasn't breathing I waited for what seemed like hours but was a few minutes until i heard her cry. (weight 6.8)

My second wasn't born until over 11 years later and so my first labor was so long ago you almost but not quite forget the pain.   This time my waters broke in the early hours I had woken up and couldn't go back to sleep my oh was still up and put on a film for us to watch then went to the kitchen.  I was laying on the sofa and when I moved to get comfy a big gush came out, I was quite shocked and shouted to my oh Ive either wet myself or my waters have broken.  I stood up and it just kept on coming.  we phoned the birthing center where I had planned on going when they asked us the color of my waters they said you have to go to the hospital as the baby is distressed.  so off we went arriving at 5.30 am 2 hours after my waters had gone.  I had some pethidine and for some reason remember it was pouring down and I was in a lot of pain.  The midwife kept dissapearing and when a doctor looked in I said i really cant take this pain she checked on me and said that i was fully dilated a few pushes and a stuck shoulder later she was out and cried a few mins later.  Then the midwife said my placenta wasn't coming out in the end I had to have an operation to remove it which was quite scary but over quickly.  (weight 6.1)

My last labor in 2010 started the same as my second at around 7 am I got up to go to the toilet went back to bed rolled over and my waters went.  Another distressed baby and the whole experience still haunts me it was just horrible, they wouldn't give me any pain relief except gas and air which I think is horrible I was screaming like the woman I heard when I gave birth the first time.  When i started to push she just wasn't budging there ended up being 4 midwives and 2 doctors in the room and they used a ventouse on her poor little head, she came out at 12.30 all sleepy and not crying too and I said I'm never doing that again.  (weight 6.14)

I know there are probably thousands of women who have had births a lot worse and as you know I will be doing it again sometime within the next 12 weeks but hey its all worth it in the end when you have your bundle of joy.


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