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Bump update and new pushchair

Have been feeling really fed up today, I had at least 5 days where I had been feeling ok been doing quite a bit of walking and pain had been easing up.  Then last night I just could not get comfortable and was so tired, laying on my side my legs were aching so much and whichever side I layed on that side of my bump started hurting.  The usual having to get up to wee a million times and trying to drag myself off the bed.  Then today has been spent feeling tired and soooo uncomfortable he is so low down  in there i didn't think it was possible I could actually see and feel him moving in the lowest possible part of my pelvic region that if he got any lower he would be coming out.  I have been pacing up and down and been on all fours which was surprisingly quite comfortable.  If I feel like this till he arrives I don't know how I will cope even though Ive done it three times before.  I feel kind of ungrateful moaning about it all and thinking there's so many women who would love to be pregnant and feeling all this.  It wasn't an easy ride to get pregnant and have my children but I know I am blessed, rant over that is probably till my next update.  I'm hoping to get a bump support belt tomorrow so hopefully that will help.

Will also be picking up this tomorrow, if you don't want to press the link pics below.

Hadn't been planning on buying a new pushchair because our budget wouldn't allow but this is at a great price at the moment £73.99 instead of £229 when I first saw it a week or so ago it was £84.99 so has gone down more since then.  They also have it in black but that is a bit more expensive at half the original price.  It has great reviews and I love the fact it can be parent facing I have always loved the idea of this.  I will of course give a full review of it once it has been used.  Have decided to get a Tommee Tippee steriliser as well so that's one thing of bumps to buy list getting there slowly but surely.


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